More Beef Art

Don with sketch Creem (May 1983)
As you’re probably already aware the Radar Station has the largest collection of images of Don’s artwork on the web and we continue to add to it whenever we can. As we’re obsessives we don’t want to miss out on the other doodles and sketches of his that turn up all over the place so we’ve started trying to capture these all in one place too.

Take a look at the Pictures, photos, bits & bobs page and check the Assorted sketches by Don section which includes a great piece of grafitti on a wall of the Armadillo as well as photos of Don displaying pages from his sketchbook. If you know of any others please let us know.

One of the myths surrounding Don has been his supposed early training with a sculptor called Agostinho Rodrigues. Little is known about what really happened but I’ve put together an article that covers everything we do know – read it here: Don Vliet and Agostinho Rodrigues


  1. I ran into Lester Bangs at a rock
    convention in N.Y. He was selling a birthday card, very large, that Don had made for him !
    I couldn't afford to buy it, and I wonder where it wound up…

  2. Fantastic addition, Steve. I'm still upset I didn't get more aggresive on ebay for that Ago Rod sculpture.

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