Is new PM a Beefheart fan?

On the train on the way home from the Magic Band gig at Under The Bridge I was browsing through one of the free newspapers that can be found littering the carriages these days. I got to page 51 of the London Evening Standard and I did a double-take. There, under the ‘City Spy’ column was a photo of Don on stage from 1972.


How bizarre is that? Was a fan on the paper desperate for an excuse to get a picture of Don in the paper? Is Tim Martin’s tongue well and truly stuck in his cheek?



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  1. Tim Martin did actually quote Big Eyed Beans From Venus at one time, he got the quote right but the meaning absolutely wrong. He said that “Hit that long lunar note and let it float” was all about inspiration and passing ideas around. When I next saw him, (we both live in Exeter and he’s always around and easy to spot) I told him the whole song was about sex, “Men let your wallets flop out, women open your purses” is not about money, I said, but he didn’t seem to believe me. I did offer to do a Beefheart/Zappa night in one of his pubs which have music, but he declined.

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