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I’m looking forward to the DVD release next year of a new documentary about Captain Beefheart. A good number of Magic Band musicians were interviewed for it in London and America over the past couple of months, so it should be interesting to hear what they had to say.

Captain Beefheart biographer Mike Barnes was among those taking part and he has kindly allowed me to reproduce a short account of his experience. This was originally posted at The Fire Party Discussion List.

[wp_quote] I went to be interviewed by Prism Films for the upcoming Beefheart DVD documentary yesterday. We were in a freezing cold, deserted nightclub in the afternoon for filming and other than just about getting hypothermia – my breath may well be visible – it was good fun, though an intense grilling on all things Beefheart for about two hours solid. I was glazing over in the glare of the lights and just about drooling by the end.

One thing that the director told me, which was quite amazing, is that when he interviewed Moris Tepper a few weeks ago at his home, Moris told him that he hadn’t spoken to Don for about nine months. The phone went in the middle of the interview and guess who was on the other end? Quite extraordinary. It was thought not politic to ask Don to participate (and no prizes for guessing what the answer would have been) but they had a long chat. Moris said that he was still painting. Wish I knew more.


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  1. A new Beefheart documentary ?
    Well, that is really good to hear !

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