Happy Beefday!

Today is Don Van Vliet’s 65th birthday. All of us here at beefheart.com would like to send Don our sincere congratulations and very best wishes. Today’s world of contemporary music would be a hollower place without him and, let’s face it, this website would be a whole lot less interesting too.

Poet, artist, raconteur, visionary, musician, environmentalist, genius and booglariser extraordinaire, we salute you!


  1. What a wonderful day !
    i hope he enjoys it in the best way possible.
    there is a santa claus on the evening stage. long may he reign.

  2. Does he get a bulbous pass?

    I’ll get me coat…

  3. Happy Birthday Don!!
    .. From a Life – Long Fan… ‘May The Dust Blow Forward!!’

  4. Have a great one , Don !!!

  5. I’m hoping he’ll retire from painting now and get some more music on the go…
    Happy Birthday Don – We Love You, You Big Dummy!

  6. Here’s to 65 more! Happy Birthday Don.

  7. Happy birthday to THE man. I was gonna stay in tonight, but I’ve just got to go out and raise a glass. Why don’t you join me.

  8. What a surprise, Im always subtly drawn to the force, I take a look and what do you know, its Dons Birthday.

    Many more restful years to you Captain. You already did more than any other earth being could.

  9. Happy Birthday (or Earthday) Sir!

    May there be many more!

  10. thanks for the last 40 years. you gave me ears.

  11. It’s your Birthday!

    I hope you are doing exactly what you want to be doing…It’s your day, it’s your life. Enjoy!!! You have brought much enjoyment to so many.

    P.S. It my birthday too…not really, but I discovered this website today…Which is the birth of a new experience.

  12. Last night watched the Letterman video with my 17 yr old French son – comment : “wow, nobody else has ever sounded like that” – Happy Birthday for one of the 1, 2 – 3 maybe – original artists in the last 50 years !!

  13. Happy Birthday, Don !
    A day late, but who gives a shit. All the best to you !


  14. May I second those emotions…Happy Birthday Don…..Webcor..Webcor!!

  15. Happy Birthday for a couple ‘o days ago old bean. Here’s to 65 more…

  16. Happy birthday, Don. You’re proof that there is little justice in the world but lots of beauty.

  17. Thank you for the music Don.

  18. don, when i’m sixty five i want to take a jacuzzi then get out and roll around in the snow, nude. im from lancaster and now living in st louis. where ever you are is sacred ground. your the tops. and you changed my life. hope your well. hugs, coleman.

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