1972 Frankfurt

I received an e-mail from Thomas Harms in June 1998 in which he had kindly included a few photographs of the Magic Band live, and the Spotlight Kid himself. He included the following note with the pictures:

I keep these photographs (all taken by a friend of mine) framed on my wall. I was 16 at the time. As you see, one is a backstage-photo, the others are on-stage-shots. They were all done at the Magic Band´s concert in Bremen in 1972, if I remember correctly. I think it was at The Lila Eule (The Purple Owl). The people in the pictures seem to be the Captain, Mr. Tripp and Mr. Estrada. The friendly hippie posing with the captain in the dressingroom is unknown to me. I think this concert was connected to the band’s Beat Club appearance in the same year, where they performed “I’m Gonna Booglarize Ya, Baby”, but I’m not sure.

-Thomas Harms, Hamburg, Germany.

Despite Thomas’ thinking they were in Bremen, Detlef’s now defunct Beefheart timeline led me to think they were taken on 14 April 1972 in Frankfurt at the Hoechster Jahrhunderthalle.


Many thanks for sending me these, Thomas.

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  1. Those photos are in fact from the Captain’s concert at Jahrhundrethalle. I know. I was there on stage taking photos for Fritz Rau the promoter.

    Rest In Peace, my Captain.

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