China Pig

Four works by Don Van Vliet are included in an exhibition to be held under the aegis of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

MUSIC IS A BETTER NOISE is an exhibtion of art made by artists who are also musicians (or vice versa) or whose creative process has music as an integral part. Thurston Moore, Devendra Banhart, Alan Vega, Leigh Bowery, Eye and Kim Gordon are among the many other artists represented.

China Pig, an oil painting from 1987 (pictured here) is the largest of Don Van Vliet’s works on display (102 x 76) .

His other titles are:
Untitled (Woman) 1986 Gouache on paper (30 x 22)
Untitled 1985 India ink on paper (10 x 7)
Untitled 1985 India ink on paper (7 x 10)

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center 22-25 Jackson Ave at the intersection of 46th Ave in Long Island City, 11101 USA. October 29, 2006 – January 8, 2007.

Click here and follow the links for full details of the exhibition.

UPDATE, 31 October 2006: Vincent Del Basso took a few photographs at the show which you can view here, here and here.


  1. Lloydie says:

    It seems like most people don’t care too much about old paintings that Don did years ago. What I wanna know is what Don is doing today. Someone must know. How is he? How is Jan? Are they well? When I think of Don I wanna wrap him up. God has blessed him forever. And we’re all bloody lucky that he’s still sticking around for his friends

  2. Anonymous says:

    I sure care about those works. Im glad to be tipped off about this show as I will be there one week from now. With sleighbells on!

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