Elbow Room

Elbow Room

A friend started off a blog a while ago featuring a gallery of his doodles and abstract photographs, entitled Elbow Room.

I used to work with Norms, the author, and witnessed the creation of his “biro on lined paper” works first-hand during many otherwise uninteresting meetings in the council offices. Like a visual equivalent of Robyn Hitchcock’s most surreal songs, they offer a pleasing and often hilarious idle browse.

Norms is a Beefheart admirer and consequently a Beefheart theme has crept into a few of them. Check out Sea of Negativity, What A Moon Can Do II, No H On My Faucet, Devil’s Red Wife, Archaic Faces Frenzy, Archaic Faces Frenzy II and Hill Of Ladders.

Don’t just stick to these few, however, dive into Elbow Room and nourish yourself. It’s a great source for desktop images to befuddle your work-mates.

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