Don in Sicily

Unknown painting from Zigzag Wandering exhibition 7

Don Van Vliet’s first Italian exhibition opened last night in Palermo, Sicily.

The show, ‘Zig Zag Wandering‘, is being held at Galleria dell’Arco until 15 February 2008.

Four reproductions of pictures from the exhibition are shown at Galleria dell’Arco’s website.

Galleria dell’Arco Via Siracusa 9 Palermo Tel / fax +39091 6261234

Thanks to Roberto for mailing me with news of this show.



  1. Aww man, I was in Sicily no less that 3 weeks ago. Damn.

    Is there going to be a tribute to the late Jeremy Beadle on the site? There is a link to the Captain!

  2. I wanna get me on of those paintings. I wish Don was hosting the show and somebody took a picture.

  3. I love the Don Van Vliet's quotes like on "I don't think artists are made, I think they're born". It is my favorite quote.

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