Cormac O’Donoghue’s 2003 Magic Band reunion photographs from Shepherds Bush Empire

Many thanks indeed to Cormac for sending along his photos of the pre-gig Fire Party People meet and the gig itself. Comments from Cormac.

“Dennis Martian, the cat in the hat and Fast Paul, the communications nerve centre of theMagic Meet, getting a message from Stewart or Melissa.”

“Dennis at the window in his hat, my friend Graham Montgomery from Dublin (there were two other Dubliners not pictured) I don’t know who that is at the table, Ben with something under his hat, Andy Bean with his back to the camera, and Stewart beardy-face Osborne.”


Benjamin Horrendous


Gary Lucas, Rockette Morton, Drumbo, Denny Walley


Drumbo, Rockette Morton, Robert Williams, Denny Walley

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