I’ve received a note from Mike Bugbee who provided us with his excellent eye-witness account of Don and Jan’s wedding a few years ago. He’s got a book coming out soon (unrelated to the wedding) and Michael Bugbee is the author of a soon-to-be-published novel, Notes from Hotel Misterioso, from Mline Books. The official publication date is April 1, 2007, but beginning in January 2007 prepublication copies are available through www.mlinebooks.com, $14.95 U.S. or $17.95 Canadian plus shipping. Inquiries to: info@mlinebooks.com. If you haven’t read Mike’s wedding account yet, you really should – it is one of my very favourite items here on beefheart.com andRead More →

Author Kevin Courrier is currently completing a book about Trout Mask Replica which should be published later this year. The book will investigate some possible sources for the ideas which were realised in the making of the album. According to Continuum, the publisher, these include Walt Whitman, Gregory Corso, Charley Patton, Howlin’ Wolf, Ornette Coleman and Richard Berry and the Coasters. Continuum’s website says that this book will illustrate, “how Trout Mask Replica, far from being an arcane specimen of the avant-garde, was instead a defiantly original declaration of the American imagination.” Kevin’s Courrier’s previous books were about Randy Newman and Frank Zappa. Publication dateRead More →

Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and the Secret History of Maximalism is the title of a new book which is to be published by Salt Publishing on 1 September 2005. Salt Publishing’s website tells us that, “this book is not another critical biography, but an interpretive essay investigating what we feel is the cultural and historical importance of Zappa and Beefheart in the context of a wide-ranging network of references that run from Michelangelo and Arcimboldo to William Burroughs and Vaclav Havel.” The authors are Michel Delville & Andrew Norris, both of whom teach at The University of Liège, Belgium. There are samples of their writingRead More →

A formaheap prize quiz 1) What was Don Van Vliet’s favourite gargle while on tour? Was it a) Blue Bols b) Green Chartreuse c) Black & White Whisky d) Red Rum Connor McKnight’s 1972 interview in Zig Zag #29 includes this description of Don on a tour bus: [wp_quote]”..to relieve a sore throat, he was passed a tiny bottle of Green Chartreuse, with which to gargle. Having taken a swig and swirled it around his throat, he became harassed – as if looking for a receptacle in which to empty the stuff. Finding none, he spat it onto the floor of the bus, just underRead More →

Publisher: Music Sales Limited Date of publication: November 2004 ISBN: 1844494128 Dimensions: 210 x 135mm soft back Extent: 400 pages Price: £16.95 Order:Amazon.co.uk A formaheap prize quiz All of the answers to this quiz were available online throughout the competition. By choosing keywords, most of which were included in the questions, and typing them into an internet search engine, the answers could be found. This is a time-consuming activity and the number of entries was low. These opaque questions really did bug most people! Nevertheless, the standard of entries was high and only two questions were not answered correctly by anyone. The two problem questions were the one about the dancerRead More →