American primitive on Madison Avenue

As unlikely as it may once have seemed, Don Van Vliet (aka Captain Beefheart) has a one man show of his recent paintings at the KnoedlerRead More

How Much!!!??? by Peter Warner

By Who & By What Is One Enlightened Or Deceived? Is it possible to judge with an uncritical eye as if Captain Beefheart never existed? DonRead More

New Work 1998

New Work 1998

The paintings Official press release Catalogue notes ArtNews advertisement Piece from New York Times American Primitive on Madison Avenue – report from Neato

New Work exhibition ArtNews advertisement

New Work exhibition ArtNews advertisement

Kindly sent to me by JL Fat.

New Work exhibition catalogue notes

Living on a cliff overlooking the Pacific since the early eighties amid the redwood forests and wildlife, Don Van Vliet has embraced painting with the sameRead More

New Work press release

The Knoedler & Company press release: Don Van Vliet Recent Paintings November 11 – December 5, 1998 One senses that Van Vliet doesn’t see these imagesRead More

Paintings featured in the 1998 New Work exhibition

Paintings featured in the 1998 New Work exhibition

1998 11 November – 5 December Knoedler & Company, New York solo exhibition

Van Vliet at Knoedler & Co. from New York Times

Don Van Vliet Knoedler & Company 19 East 70th Street Through Dec. 5 Known in an earlier incarnation as the rock musician Captain Beefheart, Don VanRead More

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