Captain Beefheart Under Review

Here is a cover scan of the forthcoming documentary DVD Captain Beefheart Under Review which is in the final editing stage and will be available in March ’06, on the Chrome Dreams record label.

The film traces Beefheart’s entire career and uses rare footage and contributions from numerous Beefheart associates and Magic Band members. Contributors include John French, Mark Boston, Moris Tepper, Elliot Ingber, Ira Ingber, Jerry Handley, Doug Moon, Eric Drew Feldman, Gary Marker and Gary Lucas.


  1. Oh Man ! I’m really looking
    forward to this DVD’s release.
    I sure hope that it’s playable
    in the US, with our equipment !

  2. Extreme transparent input from the fish’s head in lime soup sends me contamination ruins.

    Simultaneous radiation vegetable flipping will excoriate the flimsy variables of my background weasel race.

  3. let’s hope it’s a goody and not something ozit would be proud of!

  4. I bought it, from Borders USA, and watched it last night. Jan 19, 2007. The interviews with former band members, especially John French, are worth the price of admission. A must have for any true Beefheart fan.

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