Blues ghosts cry again from discs of long ago

One of my favourite labels, Revenant Records who released the “Grow Fins” treasure trove of unreleased Beefheart, released the second volume in their “American Primitive” series this week. Vol 1 was a stunning collection of gnarly pre-war gospel. Volume 2 features pre-war blues, hillbilly and jazz.

Reuters have a nice feature on it. Should the fancy take you, you can also read my piece about Revenant Records from our John Fahey tribute.

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  1. Speakin’ of things Blue: Doc VV and Band on the Peel sessions, Sure ‘Nuff & Yes I do: Phuck.

    About the tightest, meanest blues stomp since Robert Johnson hisself: I’d like to hear a Stones or Clapton or Page cut that rocks anywhere near like Capn’ and the boys do there: and puts the SF Dead-hippie manga to shame as well…

    is that Jeff Cotton on slide? lawdy…’bout had me lookin’ for a Beezer or Norton…takin’ put up to Carson City

    Peon or Veterans Day Poppy or Tropical Hot Dog, yass, but sheesh Sure ‘Nuff smokes

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