Beezoo, Beezoo

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  1. Hello,
    My wife and I are starting to run a family guesthouse in Liège, Belgium.You can find us at

    As ‘Dormir en Altitude’ is very well located, the stairs are THE hotspot in our city, with ARTBNB I am planning to organise an art promotion platform at our house and garden.

    Here in Liège they use often the word
    ‘bisou’ (pronounced bee-zoo); ‘donner un bisou = giving a (little) kiss.

    A few weeks ago a bee-queen and her swarm made a stop in our garden; I posted a picture on my google+ account.

    So, I have find this beautifull painting by The Captain as I was surfing for beezoo’s.

    As a music- and artlover, and born in ’60 and being one of the lucky guys having seen Captain Beefheart performing in Brussels, this makes my day.

    Better; I happen to buy the cd ‘ DEAR SPOT’ just ten days ago. How small this world can be….

    I would like to ask if this beezoo,beezoo painting still can be admired somewhere.

    All the luck with The Radar Station.

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