Beefheart Night at the Knit

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Update – 9 March 2008

Wednesday 9th April at The Knitting Factory Main Space, 74 Leonard Street, New York City.

Gary Lucas curates Beefheart Night at the Knit, a salute to the Music, Poetry and Art of Don Van Vliet, a/k/a Captain Beefheart.

Proceedings beginning at 8:00pm with a screening of rare Beefheart videos and documentaries and the spinning of unreleased tracks.

This is followed by a reading of Don Van Vliet’s poetry, and reminiscences by special guests including:

  • Lee Ranaldo
  • Alan Vega
  • Roswell Rudd
  • Kurt Loder
  • Danny Fields
  • Mike Edison
  • Hal Willner
  • Jamie Cohen
  • Billy Altman
  • and more tba

“This man is a very sophisticated lyricist!” – Jerzy Kosinksi, Yale University 1973.

At 10pm, the return of Fast ‘N’ Bulbous, the Captain Beefheart Project, featuring Gary Lucas, arranged and conducted by Phillip Johnston, with Jesse Krakow (bass), Joe Fiedler (trombone), Rob Henke (trumpet), Dave Sewelson (baritone sax), and Richard Dworkin (drums).

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  1. The night before at the KF features the only East Coast show by the semi-legendary Yo Ha Wha 13.A great two- nighter in NY for thqse Beefheart’ians who can make it!

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