Beefheart artwork up for auction from WFMU


A postcard arrived through my door this morning from WFMU announcing their auction between 5 and 12 October promising “rare records, comics, art, useless ephemera and more!”

One of the items on offer is a “signed print by Captain Beefheart” though I have no idea what this entails. It could be album artwork or it could be a print of a Don Van Vliet painting. All will become clear on 5th October at WFMU’s auction page.

John Fahey fans will also be interested to learn that some of his artwork is similarly available.

Oh, and some “Butthole Surfers toilet paper” too.


  1. Thanks for the heads up about this auction!! This is an incredible item. I won the bid, and am looking forward to the beautiful art, as well a VAN VLIET signature!

    – Jon, 24
    New Milford, NJ

  2. Interesting. Perhaps I'll see some of the famous heart artwork go up for sale as well; that would be a sight to see. Anyways, thanks for the heads-up as well.

  3. I new Don very well back in the 1980’s Lancaster, Ca . He created some drawings for me and Bruce, I still have these works of Don’s I must say they are interesting piece of his mind

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