Add some Beefheart to your day

Don Van Vliet died one year ago today.

As much as we miss knowing he’s out there in person, his music and art are as alive as ever:

The Magic Band have just concluded a triumphant UK tour (view the entire Nottingham show on YouTube and don’t miss Tony Fisher’s great photos), with more dates promised for next year and a new live release of a 2005 show out now.

Gary Lucas continues to roll out his acclaimed Beefheart Symposia around the world (next up: Liverpool in January).

Records continue to be released, reissued, remastered and rumours about an Original Bat Chain Puller release are not abating (although Lick My Decals Off baby is finally available in iTunes).

The art exhibitions keep on coming.

Robyn Hitchcock performed Clear Spot in its entirety (along with a few other gems), winning new fans in the process.

Omnibus Press published an updated edition of Mike Barnes’ reliable and entertaining Beefheart biography in paperbackKindle and iBook form

BBC 6Music’s Gideon Coe presented a three hour tribute “Christmas With The Captain” (available in the BBC’s iPlayer for 6 more days at the time of writing).

Just in today: Colin B Morton (Great Pop Things cartoons) has recently written his impassioned account of his Black Friday when the Captain died. It’s great.

And stereos all over the world are still jumping to the magic Magic Band music, hitting that spot that otherwise can’t be scratched.

Why not join in today?

Update: As Andrew points out in the comments below, you can now pre-order the real, original, legitimate Bat Chain Puller. Released on Don’s birthday. Amazing.


  1. THANKS!!! GREAT NEWS on a fitting day… I’m hoping that is just a ‘fill in’ graphic for the album!

  2. Though, hopefully they change it from saying:
    “PRE-ORDER Frank Zappa – Bat Chain Puller CD”… obviously it’s not FZ!!!

  3. Had a day of solid Captain. Complete discography plus extras. Miss you, Cap. x

  4. Again, thank you Don. I’m glad for all the good times but you wont be forgotten for a long time yet. Peace and Love n’ all that jazz :)

    Shiny beast has always been a special one for me so I’m glad to see, what seems to look like (?) its official BCP release.

  5. Great news, but…”Chariot”??

    I’ve never seen Carrot referred to as that before!


  6. Hi! Does anyone know if there are other books on Captain Beefheart published in a ebook reader format ?

  7. Since at long last I’ve just a few hours since discovered this world you’ve all created and I can explore the site with my rudimentary digital knowledge on my newly aquired mac plus new tinternet connection.There was a gurgling and a googling heard and My life changed for the better.I’ve already cracked my chin and my smile is stuck.Beefhearts vigour has inspired me again.I’ve started some new paintings already.I will not go into details but I’ve been having a shit time with one recent family death looking like another one will soon follow.
    Generally speaking fear may be seen and been feeling like there was no way to get a’copter in close and so my mind cracked like custard and we’ve had days screaming empty.And our families eyes flow out water,salt water
    It’s been a while since I’ve been able to share the pleasures of El Capitan with anyone so It’s been great to have stumbled upon a site with the best batch yet some of whom I’m guessing cavorts girdled and latice alike…several times over.
    Enough about me,I get that it will be a bore to read through so I hope I haven’t posted in the way of anything useful this time. It will take me awhile to know what’s what. I was looking for some late poetry where Don V.V. sounds frail but still great?. Heard it twice before but don’t recall the titles ?.Sorry if this is long,boring or still in the wrong place,goes to show ya what a moon can do.. Regards to all …GUS

    cavorts girdled and latice alike ?

  8. Dweezil Zappa dedicated the song “Willie the Pimp” to Beefheart at the “Zappa Plays Zappa” show at the Beacon Theater in New York City on the day of his death, while Jeff Bridges exclaimed “Rest in peace, Captain Beefheart!” at the conclusion of the December 18, 2010 episode of NBC’s

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