Sun Zoom Spark lyrics

Nothing makes it move From the bottom to the top Does it start at the bottom? Or does it start at the top Magnet draw dayRead More

Sun Zoom Spark: 1970 to 1972

Sun Zoom Spark: 1970 to 1972

Song List Disc 1 – Lick My Decals Off, Baby (1970) [as original release] Disc 2 – The Spotlight Kid (1971) [as original release] Disc 3Read More

Swampy Beefy Throbbing Goodness by Dominic Schaeffer

Here is my recollection of my first listening to the Spotlight Kid. (the artist- not that particular album! hehehee) In 1973 and at the age ofRead More

The Power Of Big Eyed Beans by Eric

Some of the finer points of this tail may be a little out due to memory loss… but this is the gist of it: It wasRead More

The Spotlight Kid / Clear Spot Review by Jim Washburn

More undiluted examples of Captain Beefheart’s singular genius can be heard on his “Trout Mask Replica” and “Lick My Decals Off” albums, but this pair ofRead More

Too Much Time lyrics

[Chorus:] I got too much time, too much time I got too much time to be without love In my life I’ve got a deep devotionRead More

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