Name: Nick Burbidge
From: London, England
Thursday, September 30, 1999 3:17 PM

This is one the best sites I’ve found, mind you I love the Don, well done! By the way, what’s all this dissing of ‘Bluejeans & Moonbeams’? It’s a fine album – ‘Further Than We’ve Gone’ is lovely. Keep up the good work!

Name: Eric
From: Louisiana
Thursday, September 30, 1999 9:04 AM

Just wanted to participate (which is extremely rare for me) and show my appreciation for such a fine website dedicated to a real legend. and o yeah, Captain Beefheart moves me!

Name: George Black
Thursday, September 30, 1999 5:11 AM

Hey hi ummmmmmmm grain grows rainbows up straw hill Great webs man

Name: Rainer Mutzberg
From: Nigeria (Presently)
Tuesday, September 28, 1999 7:57 PM


Name: Fred Weddle
From: Tampa, Florida USA
Tuesday, September 28, 1999 3:25 AM

This is a great, highly essential website to a great musical artist!!! What more has to be uttered?

Name: Dave Alexander
From: UK
Monday, September 27, 1999 10:57 PM

I’ve been listening to the Captain since the mid sixties – hes always been the man! Thanks bros for the noises – your best medium as an artist has always been other peoples imaginations – you’ve been the best.

Name: Syndi Smith
From: South Carolina
Sunday, September 19, 1999 9:07 PM

Cannot belive I just happened onto this site… I was greatly influenced by the Captain’s music and poetry. I saw him in concert in Pittsburgh sometime in the late 60’s – can’t remember exactly where ‘cept it was small and personal and awesome. What I was really struck with was that he had his wife (still married to her?) sitting off in a chair to the side of the stage (she was visible) and even during the performance, he was amazing attentive to her. He behaved like a true gentleman, he lit her cigarettes and conversed with her… stuff like that. It said something about him – not sure what – but he certainly was different. I loved his music and love this website!

Name: Pete Dodkins
From: Bristol
Saturday, September 18, 1999 6:58 PM

Since 1970, when I first heard Zig Zag Wanderer, through Trout Mask until the present day, the music/ Art of Cpt Beefheart has done for my life what ‘sunshine does for stained glass’. I’d also like to put in a vote for ‘bluegenes and Moonbeams’; what’s so bad about Don signing Same Old Blues Again?

Name: Kevin E. Hoult
From: Seattle, Washington, USA
Thursday, September 16, 1999 11:12 PM

What a pleasant surprise to discover a web site dedicated to the redoubtable one. Favorite song: Candy Corn, favorite albums: Safe as Milk and Bat Chain Puller (puller puller), favorite undefinable thing: Fast and Bulbus! on TMR. And yes, thanks be to a merciful God, I did get to see the Capt. in concert, at Western Washington University in 75 or 76 (come on – it was the 1970s, I’m supposed to remember years?) He even played Candy Corn – just about screamed like a little girl when I heard that! And I could go on and on!

Name: The Fabulous Alfonzo
From: the void
Wednesday, September 15, 1999 7:07 PM

This site twists my melon, baby…

Name: Victor Lloyd
From: Stafford, England
Saturday, September 11, 1999 8:12 PM

I’ve been into Frank Zappa’s music for about twenty years. Although I’d heard Beefheart before it’s only the last couple of years that I’ve started buying his albums. Just bought Doc at the Radar Station which is quite remarkable. Other albums I’ve got are Zig Zag Wanderer; Trout Mask Replica; Unconditionallly Guaranteed.(The only track I really like on this is the My oh My) I’ve also got Bongo Fury which is a gem. I’m particularly interested in the love/hate relationship between Zappa and Beefheart. Zappa said that Beefheart originally failed an audition for the Bongo Fury tour which I find hard to believe? On the other hand if it hadn’t have been for Zappa, Trout Mask Replica would never have been recorded because nobody else would have allowed Beefheart the artistic freedom to record the album in the first place! What does anybody else think?

Name: Liz Plant
From: Arkansas
Friday, September 10, 1999 6:58 PM

I used to listen to TROUT MASK REPLICA over and over!!!miss the guy!

Name: ron and emiko
From: San Francisco
Friday, September 10, 1999 5:33 AM

This is a fabulous site!!! We just got the Rhino’s anthology THE DUST BLOWS FORWARD which led us to this site and WOW…how inspiring!!!!

Name: hoyt blotten
From: the fringes
Wednesday, September 08, 1999 6:18 PM

GROW FINS! go get it! every man, woman and child on this planet shoould have a copy. i got it last week and feel that is a must have in every cd collection.

Name: Helmer Siim
From: Denmark
Tuesday, September 07, 1999 10:24 PM

The Captains words and music is – along with Syd Barrett, Skip Spence, Beck and the other fellow travellers – what made the 20th century fast’n bulbous and not just another story of wars, crimes and (worse) boring trivia.

Monday, September 06, 1999 7:07 PM

I know my name is a very blatant copy of Captain Beefheart but what can I say? the guy is a brilliant artist I particularly enjoyed the poetry section. Keep up the good work.

Name: Charles West
From: Maryland
Monday, September 06, 1999 3:10 AM

Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this site. I would think Don is watching it with complete approval and affection. Just last week, a few days before I stumbled upon your radar station, I experienced a spontaneous moment of nostalgic despair about the Captain – wondering if his fading into obscurity had reached some final stage while my back was turned for the past nearly 20 years. I had resolved that this was yet another important part of my early life that was lost to the world. It was a pleasant surprise when I found out about the reissues of his work through your web site. Naturally, I had to order them all, to round out my worn (but well-preserved) collection of original vinyls. I placed a vote for your site on the Artist Direct Music awards, and I hope you get it for both the sake of your dedicated efforts on the site, and for the possibility of lighting a stage with Captain Beefheart’s name one last time before the end of the century. If you win, play the Blimp without mercy, reeling the plaintive squeal of that soprano sax back into the streets and deserts where it came from.

Name: Garry H
From: Scotland
Saturday, September 04, 1999 6:26 PM

Hello. The BBC’s recent showing of the Captain Beefheart doc persuaded me to finally act on a curiosity in their music, which began after hearing ‘ice-cream for crow’ and ‘safe as milk’ for the first time a few months ago. So, yesterday I bought a copy of ‘ Trout Mask Replica’ and it is a damn fine album. Just thought I’d check out some sites to see what other albums to go for. I’ll be keeping an eye on this site, as I can see myself developing a keen interest in this here band. Bye.

Name: scrog genk
From: california
Friday, September 03, 1999 1:58 AM

I highly recommend downlowding the Bat Chain Puller MP3. It took forever but it was really worth it.

Name: Jerry Mastriano
From: New York
Wednesday, September 01, 1999 4:33 AM

Stumbled on to this site a week ago, and was inspired to purchase the recently released “Dust Blows Forward” collection. It uncannily resembles, almost song for song, the two 90-minute cassettes I excerpted from my and my friends’ vinyl collections, about a dozen years ago. Somebody else has a genius taste for antholygizing. I’m impressed. Thanks for reminding me of Captain Beefheart’s artistry. Like two flamingos in a fruit fight.

Name: Nuno Filipe Coelho Borges
From: Portugal
Tuesday, August 31, 1999 12:56 PM

Great site!! The Best site in the Internet related to Real Music. Keep on! The Beefheart fans deserve it. ;)

Name: Stephen & Claire Hudson
From: London UK
Monday, August 30, 1999 11:06 AM

Thank you for what you did. Is there any more please?

Name: Miichael Adams
Friday, August 27, 1999 4:41 PM

YES!YES!YES!YES!!! it’s been forever since I spent HOURS at one website.You’re site is fantastic! The vid of King Kong, the realplayer files, the interviews. DAMN! you’ve worked hard and put together a terrific, wonderful site that is just goddamn WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much!

Name: Rev. Steve Hammond “The Gatekeeper&
From: KSHE 95, St. Louis, MO
Tuesday, August 24, 1999 9:02 PM

Great web site. For more disturbing music please visit my web site.

Name: mick hibbs
From: london england
Friday, August 20, 1999 1:32 AM

poophatch open

Name: John Lee
From: England
Thursday, August 19, 1999 8:44 PM

The first time I heard Yellow Brick Road, I was hooked. That was back in the sixties and I still feel the same. The only thing that upsets me is that I cannot see him on tour again. A real original and in my lifetime ‘The Best Batch Yet’

Name: Schroeder
From: New Jersey
Wednesday, August 18, 1999 6:28 AM

Up until yesterday, all I knew of Captain Beefheart was a recording of a song called “Diddy Wah Diddy” on one of random radio mix tapes, and a friend’s CD called “Trout Mask Replica”, that I’ve always read about in record guides and yet never bothered to borrow. Then yesterday, my friend popped in his brand-new “Safe As Milk” in his car’s CD player and I heard what might just have been the tightest and most exciting American rock band of 1967 (even better than Moby Grape). And that voice on “Electricity” — I can’t believe the textures that Captain Beefheart was able to convey with his voice. Needless to say, I will be shortly be owning a copy of that CD myself. This is a fine web-site. Keep up the good work.

Name: Pete Simpson
From: UK
Monday, August 09, 1999 9:27 AM

Captain Beefheart; thanks to the American Medical Association for the oversight…

Name: rankin
From: canadian rockies
Sunday, August 01, 1999 5:58 AM

For the last 48 hours Ihave been listening and watching “Grow Fins” If you are at all unsure about quality and content, don,t be! Run don,t walk to the link sight on this page and order it NOW!!!!!

Name: Mark Boston aka Rockette Morton
Friday, July 23, 1999 7:40 PM

Hello, my name is Rockette Morton and I still run on lazer beans. I am currently working on a new album project of my own. I will have my own web address very soon and will gladly communicate with Beefheart and Mallard zealots from anywhere in the known, and or unknown universe. Stay tuned to this station…..The old fart is still at play…

Name: Declan Walace
Thursday, July 22, 1999 1:35 AM

Captain Beefheart, your music needs to be recognised for the greatness it contains

Name: Drazy Hoops
From: California
Wednesday, July 21, 1999 4:30 PM

You can never get enough of that big ol’ Beefheart. You’d think that years of listneing to his tunes would satiate the desire, but along comes the lean and clean reamstered version of Safe As Milk, not to mention Grow Fins, and I feel like a virgin again\\\\\ewwwwwwwwwt2qqqq1 (that was my cat adding her two cents). Anyhow, as much as Herr Beefheart is known for his Trout Mask excursions, where he really kicks ass, as far as I’m concerned, is the early blues stuff and SHINY BEAST which is an undiscovered classic. I played ‘Owed T’Alex’ for a bud who’s a guitarist and Zep Head, and he was blown away. The whole Shiny Beast band was astounding. Go for it.

Name: Gary Lienhard
From: Southern California
Tuesday, July 20, 1999 9:21 AM

I’m glad I found this website (by accident). Glad somebody’s carrying the torch, Beefheart’s genius has always been underappreciated.

Name: david
From: UK
Monday, July 19, 1999 9:09 PM

I got TMR on vinyl for my 21st birthday (thanks dad! – it cured my flu), got TMR on cd for my 40th (thanks son! it cured my broken heart – ahhh!), just spent two weeks’ disposable income on Grow Fins (Thanks me! feeling a bit hungry now tho. – hohum): I think, for my hundreth I’ll get a VR implant fitted in my head with a permanent connection to this site – damn fine – byethebye if anyone knows Michael Sly out there tell him thanks for introducing me to THE MAN what are we going to do tonight Brain? – low yoyo stuff pinky!

Sunday, July 18, 1999 3:44 PM


Name: regis p
From: Midwest USA
Thursday, July 15, 1999 2:51 AM

A fascinating site about a great man and his timeless art. Thanks!!!

Name: Atle Johnsen
Tuesday, July 13, 1999 12:02 PM

Hi Beefhearters! It irretates me that the Highly Honoured Captain has stopped making these wonderful noises called Beefeart-music.I hope that some day he will find out that:O.K.,let’s give the people some real music! This is my wish for the Year 2000! Thank you for the MAGIC site,I really enjoy it!

Name: Angel & Chris
From: Torrance, CA
Monday, July 12, 1999 8:28 PM

To Don Van Vliet, If you’re ever in the LA area, look us up! We’ll buy you a drink! Love, Angel & Chris

Name: peter fillion
From: freeport, me usa
Monday, July 12, 1999 5:45 PM

Turn up the speakers! Hop, Flop, Squak….. It’s a keeper!!!!!! Bravo, Graham. Your love of the subject matter truly manifests itself in this superb site. I’m sincerely grateful for the video/mp3 download opportunities. Don and the Magic Bands are well served by what must be enormous efforts on your part. Thanks, man.

Name: Yawny
From: San Francisco
Thursday, July 08, 1999 6:28 AM

This site is like a Big-Eyed Bean from Venus sitting in my back yard. The archive stuff is incredible. I read Zoot’s book and I found it really interesting. If you read interviews with, say, Merrell Fankhauser you’ll hear the same thing: “those guys wouldn’t leave the house for like 6 months at a time, Don just kept them inside working on music all the time.” Ah, the sacrifices made for immortal music!

Name: Aimee Cass
From: San Jose, California
Wednesday, July 07, 1999 2:26 AM

Last week my mom sent me a tape, a mix of Beefheart songs. I’ve listened to nothing since. I’m a new fan and dedicated. Your site has been great in helping me pick which CDs to start my collection! Thanks!

Name: Larry Graves
From: Ontario, Canada
Monday, July 05, 1999 1:53 PM

Captain Beefheart is cool and so is your site! P.S. Check out my humor/music/poetry site!!!

Name: Slickhater
Monday, July 05, 1999 10:01 AM

gots my mask on and ready to lick some decals. really a great site. i’ll tell my friends. love the tromblown orchestra. also isnt it about time the captain was put in the rock and roll hall of fame? although not grand enough it would forever enshrine him in perpetuary

Name: Teri Bishop
From: Calabasas, Ca
Monday, July 05, 1999 7:43 AM

He still remains the finest example of unrestricted human creativity I will ever witness. Thanks, Don, and thanks, Robbie for giving me Trout Mask Replica.

Name: Paul
Friday, July 02, 1999 9:52 PM

First heard Beefheart way back in late 1960’s on John Peel’s BBC Radio programme, Top Gear. A revelation. An continues to be. All blessings on the great man.