If any one spots any mentions of The Radar Station in the press, please do let me know.

The Wire coverThe Wire, September 1998

This small piece appeared in the September 1998 issue of The Wire, in their best bits of the Internet section. Despite the mistake with the Radar Station’s name this was a fantastic plug.

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Radar Station in The Wire

Mojo coverMojo, October 1999

The October 1999 issue of Mojo contained a small feature about paintings by musicians on the Internet, part of which is reproduced below. The first artist mentioned was none other than Don Van Vliet (naturally).

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Radar Station in Mojo

Artsts Direct Online Music Awards 1999Artsts Direct Online Music Awards 1999

In August 1999 The Radar Station was nominated by “an academy of of online and music industry professionals” as one of the five best rock fan-sites on the Internet. Their blurb about the nominees called the Radar Station:”An outstanding artist overview, packed full of information, and an excellent gallery of his painted works.”

Sadly the site didn’t win which would have given me an all expenses paid trip to LA to the awards ceremony, nevertheless I am thrilled with this recognition.

It still confuses me how the Radar Station ended up in the running in the first place – it was up against sites for the likes of Pearl Jam, Metallica and Rob Zombie, and the awards largely focus on the corporate big-knobs, not Captain Beefheart. One Radar Station visitor said it reminded her of the Sesame Street sequence – ‘which of these things is not like the others…’.

Sincere thanks to everyone who voted and sent along good wishes – cheers.

Select coverSelect, May 2000

The May 2000 issue of Select magazine featured this small piece about the downloads available at the Radar Station which will hopefully lead to a few indie kids discovering the joys of Bat Chain Puller and realising that Beefheart could have kicked Slipknot’s collective arses any day.

Radar Station in Select

Tone coverTone, July / August 2000

This small piece appeared in the July-August 2000 issue of hi-fi magazine, Tone, in their guide to the internet section. Many thanks to Tom Rodwell for both writing this piece and for sending the magazine along.

Radar Station in Tone

The Wire 200 coverThe Wire, October 2000

The October 2000 edition of The Wire included a large feature on the ‘200 Essential Websites’ and listed the Radar Station in the section of artist sites, describing it as ‘a model fan site’:

Radar Station in The Wire 200