The Magic Band to tour Scandinavia

Booking has just opened in Aarhus, one of the venues on The Magic Band’s 2006 Scandinavian tour.

John French and Denny Walley, who are in the present line-up, were also members of The Magic Band when they toured Scandinavia in 1975 – which appears to be the last time that The Magic Band played in Scandinavia.

More venues are expected to start booking very soon. The schedule is currently as follows, although additions and alterations are always possible.

Tuesday, May 16th TV4, Sweden, live broadcast
Friday, May 19th Opera House, Umeå, Sweden
Saturday, May 20th Jazzclub Fasching, Stockholm, Sweden
Sunday, May 21st Aarhus, Denmark CANCELLED
Wednesday, May 24th Oslo, Norway CANCELLED

This information was last updated on May 8th.

Press reviews, photographs, and all sorts of information about The Magic Band’s tours in 2003, 2004 and 2005, and their CD and DVD releases, can be found on our Magic Band Reformed pages.


  1. I have just been informed that the concert i Oslo 24.may is cancelled.
    Does anyone know the reason?

  2. I cant ffffing believe they’ve cancelled the Oslo gig, I booked tickets, hotel and flight just to go to see the Magic Band! Is there any reason they have done this?

  3. Is it possible that it’s due to the ticketsales that the show has been cancelled? Zappa plays Zappa on May 18. in Oslo. Lots of people should have bought tickets for both shows. What a pity. Will there ever be another chance?

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