Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee lyrics

Originally appeared on Doc At The Radar Station

Making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee
The pond shined dry like a ladies compact
Lilies leaped like flat green hearts with white hearts
Squirting yellow pollen…cocks…
Ferns ran like cool spades.. fossils. ..away from rocks
Bees echoed dark carbon hums that dashed in nothing
Gnats fucked my ears ‘n nostrils
Hit my brain like hones ‘n numbed t’ nothing
Wings stuck on liquid bones
Making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee
The moon poured hollow down my milky leg
Splashed still ‘n moved
The wind peed down the willows ‘n pricked the needle vine
The monkey moved a fur shadow… its soot tail curled in twos
Its lips smiled needles.. its eyes rolled loose
Her throat broke open… glistened in the dew
Red berries dangled like a dream of rubies too
Snot muscles ran down her ivory chin ‘n tooth within
A locket… a pin held fast to then, my love, my pocket deep within
‘N senses dangled the chain that clasped me to her then
The messenger spoke the wind that blows between our time
I sensed you then ‘n whispers spin ‘n flow in silver dust
Around the pointed pin
Sent to nothing
God, please fuck my mind for good
Making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee
Oh fuck that thing.. .fuck that poem…eyes crawl out with maggots
White cloth bones pile up light thrown blades
Rags ‘n skull.. scoops soil cracks.. .drain screams.. please
Take my hand ‘n join me… too soon its clutches gleams
Making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee
Death be damned… life



  1. I always heard the last line as:
    “Death be damned to life”
    That we are death, dead, just matter, and such matter that has been damned to be alive…
    what else could it be at the end of such a song?
    It’s more beefheartian than other quotes i’ve heard:
    “Death be damned, to life!” – that does not fit with the rest of the song!

    1. Seems good the way it is; “Death be damned! Life!”
      Basically, he chooses life.

  2. Do I hear Mellotron on this track?

    1. Never mind, I found a personnel listing, and yes there’s mellotron on the track.

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