Live Paradiso, Amsterdam, Nov 1, 1980


Song List

  1. Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man
  2. Abba Zaba
  3. Hot Head
  4. Ashtray Heart
  5. Dirty Blue Gene
  6. Best Batch Yet
  7. Safe As Milk
  8. Flavor Bud Living
  9. Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles
  10. One Red Rose That I Mean
  11. One Man Sentence
  12. Doctor Dark
  13. Bat Chain Puller
  14. My Human Gets Me Blues
  15. Sugar ‘n’ Spikes
  16. Veteran’s Day Poppy
  17. Dropout Boogie
  18. Sheriff Off Hong Kong
  19. Kandy Korn
  20. Suction Prints aka Save The Mulez
  21. Big Eyed Beans from Venus

Recorded live at The Paradiso, Amsterdam on 1st November, 1980.

According to the cover:

“Taken from the original source tape – complete gig in full stereo.
Total time: 79:10”

Radar Station Overview

This is pretty much the Somebody In My Home boot under a different name. All the songs from the Paradiso show with excellent sound quality but with the between song banter edited out. It also has an excellent cover with several shots of Don on stage.


  • 2000 US CD on Rattlesnake RS059

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  1. There is a cd version MLP12CD on the MLP label called Amsterdam ’80.Carries the logo of VARA(dutch broadcaster) and Beeld en geluid (Hilversum archival museum for image and sound).Also states c. 2006 Major League Productions.Sound quality straight from the the 24 channel recording,audience mostly edited out.Other recording show more of that annoying visitor yelling Rock&Roll and other bullshit.very good sounding and very inspired.Pretty sure this is an official release.Ordered it online at Amsterdams biggest record store Concerto/Plato about 10 years ago.Booklet contains some unique photo’s on stage and replicas from tickets of other shows.

    1. Inspecting track list I notice that the poem One Man Sentence and the song Flavor Bud Living are omitted on the MLPCD.Couldn’t all fit on cd format I guess.

    2. Author

      Yes. We have listed the Amsterdam 80 CD under ‘Official’ releases as it comes direct from the radio station who recorded it and therefore own the rights. I appreciate this is open to debate.

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