The Magic Band to play the Troubadour

It’s almost 40 years since Don played the Troubadour in Los Angeles… and far too long since the Magic Band have played in the US.

At long last a venue has had the commonsense to book the band so some of our American cousins can see what they’ve been missing.

The date of the show is Monday 7th April. Find out more on the Troubadour’s Facebook page for the gig.

Magic Band


  1. WOW!! 11 years ago, the Magic Band had to reschedule their Long Beach show at the last minute, and I had to eat my tickets because I couldn’t leave my kids. SO PUMPED to have another chance to see the boys! I did finally meet John French and Gary Lucas but to actually hear the band play (since my one live experience in 1975) has been my dream for years! MUSIC FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE!

  2. I hope they play such things as roughneck and thug
    Sure ’nuff and yes I do…..

  3. I had the plessure to see the clesr spot tour as a wee sprout then the 1980 tour and this latest lineup in NYC.and this is THEBESTBATCHYET

  4. FYI – the troubadour gig is on Sunday April 6th.
    We hope to see all our friends there. This band is on fire so wear protective clothing!

  5. It was everything I could have wanted, and more! JF was an amazing front man and drummer, Rockette rocked, Denny was great, and the new guitarist and drummer brought new life to the Magic Band. The arrangements were note-accurate to the originals while also taking massive liberties with the song structures themselves, as with an earth-shaking one-two punch of “The Clouds Are Full Of Wine (Part One)” and “Golden Birdies.” French said US venues are afraid to book them for lack of fan interest! Surely not the case at the Troubadour! THANKS GUYS!!

  6. I once heard a cover of a Beefheart track, can’t remember which track, but I’m pretty sure it was\by Lynyrd Skynyrd or sounded very like them. can anybody help me track it down? Thanks

    1. Hi Andy, our list of covers hasn’t made it from the old site to the new one (yet) but we had a couple of hundred covers listed there. As far as I’m aware Lynyrd Skynyrd never covered any Beefheart songs. If you can give me any more clues about the song you heard I might be able to work out who it was!

    2. SKYNYRD covered SAME OLD BLUES on GIVE ME BACK MY BULLETS the good captain did it on BLUE JEANS AND MOON BEAMS… but I think JJ CALE wrote it

    3. Hey ANDY you may be thinking of SAME OLD BLUES
      (please see below)I sent my reply to the wrong

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