Tearing strips off the sky

I’ve just stumbled across an excellent, in depth and lengthy article about what many would consider a holy trinity – John Peel, John Walters and Captain Beefheart by Kris Needs.

Needs shows how their three stories are intertwined with each other, while also paying tribute to each. There are stories in here which I don’t remember ever reading before such as Don accidentally “branding” his mother and Joe Strummer commenting on his first encounter with Trout Mask Replica which he stated was “the moment I became a weirdo”.

There are a lot of factual inaccuracies but who cares, it’s all from the heart.

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  1. A nice article for certain, lovingly composed and I’m glad I read it, but how in the name of our good Lord can the man have not known that Doc at the Radar Station, Beef’s BEST album, exists?! Madness!

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