New photos appear for sale

Having been a fan for so many years it’s easy sometimes to think that you’ve seen just everything there is out there about Don and the band. But every now and then something new creeps unexpectedly out of the woodwork.

Just recently two such things have come to light within the same week on ebay.

The first is a stunning photo taken backstage at the Rome Pop Festival on 4th May 1968. Apparently this has survived as slide and has surfaced in Australia…

1968 - backstage Rome

And then there are the six photos below taken by the seller although he doesn’t remember where or when they were taken. They are being sold as negatives only. Not quite as spectacular as the one above they are still an interesting glimpse of the band on stage although one of them is very blurred!

Judging by the fact that Elliot Ingber is in the band would date these to 1970 but I have no idea of the location.

ebay2016 - live 1970 - 01

ebay2016 - live 1970 - 02

ebay2016 - live 1970 - 03

ebay2016 - live 1970 - 04

ebay2016 - live 1970 - 05

ebay2016 - live 1970 - 06




  1. Fascinating, Steve. There is a very brief movie clip of the Rome gig in the BBC documentary, with Jeff Cotton wearing that same hat. Any idea whether that clip comes from a longer sequence, please?

    1. Author

      Hi Mike, as you rightly say there is a brief clip of the band performing at the Rome Festival. That was broadcast as part of a BBC documentary about the festival which included clips of several other performers. Presumably more of the Beefheart set was filmed but it has never surfaced sadly!

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