Captain Beefheart Project

Another new Beefheart blog – Captain Beefheart Project – has been created this weekend. The first three entries deal with particular concerts, giving background information and links, including links to a site where torrents of audio files of Beefheart concerts can be found.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops.


  1. Not quite sure what the Project site is aiming to do. At the moment it seems a mixture of Detlef’s site and the ‘Blimp Over Europe’ booklet.

    Who’s behind it? Show yourself…

    … and thanks for linking to my site

  2. hey it’s another site about don and the magic band in the 70s, of the usual dim and stoned “we- attended-a-concert I think somewhere-in some albionic meadow vaguely-recalled -and-people came out in hats and weird–glasses and some dude– played free jazz and screamed-about veteran’s day poppies into a mike–marimbas rattled– my chick vomited and later-turned-a-trick to get home” type…

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