Boat and Blue Bodagress


  1. not sure if captain can draw very well . I dont know if that even matters? There is that route picasso took , being able to draw in the usual sense then suddenly tearing up the rules with that big painting of the hookers that went for impact and headed towards emotions and abstraction or the sensation of looking at bits of those women as if in the room from different angles ,so in a new way more like how it is to see,people move about and challenge your gaze.
    Dons paintings have that feeling of what its like looking and also being there. Striking in other words.
    I am so happy to have found this place and the chance to see his art. I only really know the album cover stuff .
    The cover of Bat Chain Puller really grabs the eyes and so do some of these. THANKS to whoever put this together

    1. I agree I was particularly struck by the cover of Decals and the photo on the back of Trout mask. I once attended an exhibition of Don’s work. It was not just the scale that was impressive, very large paintings, but also the dynamic and vivid use of colour.

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