Beefheart t-shirts

Foma Skilliton kindly alerted me to a website selling a small range of Beefheart t-shirts.

I have no idea about the quality nor the legitimacy of the images (photographer’s royalties?) but since this is one of the most frequent questions I get asked I thought I’d pass along the info.

The pictures on the site are quite poor quality, so please be warned. There are sharp images of the shirts themselves but they are very pixelated around the actual print on the shirt, looking like the image has just been superimposed over an image of a shirt.

If you are tempted you can check them out at Fashionpunk. If you do buy one, please let us know whether you would recommend their t-shirts to others.


  1. At the sound check in Manchester’s Free Traqde Hall in 1973 Don Gave me an orange long sleeved t-shirt which I still have. I believe they were tour t-shirts and not for sale to the public or anything. I spent quite a bit of time with Don and the Band between 1971 and 1973. My lengthy Interview with him was published in Steal Softly through Snow some time back. For more info just ask.

  2. i believe there is an official Captain Beefheart tshirt. Check site for it. Seems like guys have a good variety of memorabilia.

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