This recording was taken from Chorus, a French television programme. The performance took place at Théatre De L’Empire, Paris on 7 November 1980. Track list Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man Best Batch Yet Dirty Blue Gene Safe As Milk Flavor Bud Living Bat Chain Puller Big Eyed Beans From Venus. Band members Don Van Vliet Eric Drew Feldman Rick Snyder Jeff Moris Tepper Gary Lucas Robert WilliamsRead More →

Well my cigarette died when I washed my face Dropped some drops in an ashtray hit a wrong place Open up my blinds to see spiders spinning nines Its uh safe as milk it’s uh safe as milk I never heard it put quite that way The shape I’m in is uh worn a way They called a day they called a day Yesterday’s paper headlines approach rain gutter teasing rusty cat sneezing Soppin wet hammer dusty and wheezing Lusty alley whining trashcan blues Children running after rainbows stocking poor Gracious ladies nylon hanging onto line Jumping onto leg looking mighty fine Sorrows lollipop lands stick-broken onRead More →