A Crossover of a Different Colour by Kristine McKenna

Once known as avant-garde musician Captain Beefheart, Don Van Vliet has quickly won the art world’s attention as a painter The art world tends to regardRead More

Dave DiMartino responds to allegations about his Magic Band interviews

In April 2003 I received a message from Dave DiMartino, the author of the 1993 Mojo article “Yeah I’m Happy” featuring interviews with Don, various membersRead More

How to buy… Beefheart

This issue of Mojo (November) has a buyers’ guide for Captain Beefheart featuring a readers’ top ten of all his albums: Trout Mask Replica Clear Spot/SpotlightRead More

Letter from John French to Mojo Magazine

I just read the Beefheart story a week or so ago. DiMartino, the author, was supposed to send me a copy (all writers promise, most neverRead More

Lunar Notes: Zoot Horn Rollo’s Captain Beefheart Experience review by Andy Gill

AS ZOOT Horn Rollo, Don Van Vliet’s most faithful lieutenant in The Magic Band, Bill Harkleroad was one of the most influential guitarists in rock music,Read More

Magazine tributes

It took a while for the main music mags to react to Don’s death because of their advanced editorial deadlines. Here are some of them thatRead More

Strictly Personal by Dave DiMartino

On September 30, 1993, Dave DiMartino received a phone call from Don Van Vliet. I heard that you have a new studio up there. Is itRead More

The Spotlight Kid by Anton Corbijn

The Spotlight Kid by Anton Corbijn

I am a photographer who is a friend of Beefheart’s, rather than being an authority on him. When I met Beefheart on an NME assignment inRead More

Yeah, I’m happy. Happy as a clam by Dave Dimartino

Yeah, I’m happy. Happy as a clam by Dave Dimartino

He is alive. A recluse. Painting in seclusion up near the Oregon border. There have been weird signals through the ether since he stopped making musicRead More

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