Trout Mask House Sessions 1969

Song List:

  1. Hair pie: bake 1
  2. Hair pie: bake 2
  3. Jam one
  4. Hobo chang ba (take one)
  5. Hobo chang ba (take two)
  6. Dachau blues
  7. Old fart at play
  8. Pachuco cadaver
  9. Sugar N’ spikes
  10. jam two
  11. Sweet sweet bulbs
  12. Frownland (take one)
  13. Frownland
  14. Ella guru
  15. She’s too much for my mirror
  16. Steal softly through snow
  17. My human gets me blues (take one and cut)
  18. My human gets me blues (take two)
  19. When big joan sets up (take one)
  20. When big joan sets up (take two)
  21. Jam three
  22. China pig
  23. Blimp
  24. Herb
  25. Overdub
  26. Septic tank
  27. Jam four
  28. Jam five
  29. Jam six

Publicity blurb:

The Captain had a notoriously sadomasochistic relationship with some of his musicians especially during the recording of the album usually considered to be his greatest work Trout Mask Replica. Here, you can listen to some of those peculiar sessions for yourself!


A sloppy bootleg of material originally released on discs 3 and 4 the Grow Fins compilation of the Magic Band practicing the backing tracks for the album. These were recorded at the Trout House in Woodland Hills.

The text for the insert is lifted directly from the Grow Fins booklet.

Great photo on the cover …

It has also been advertised with a different cover (see below) … pity it’s of the band in 1966 none of whom were on the Trout Mask album except for Doug Moon in a tangential way.


2017 CD Greyscale GSGZ049CD



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