Rainbow Theatre, London – April 1973 review by Benjamin Horrendous

The line up was the same as the Brighton ’72 gig except for Alex St Clare instead of Winged Eel Fingerling.

The concert started with Rockette Morton with an electric toaster straped on his head. He said, “Good evening. My name is Rockette Morton. I’ve just come on to do a toast.” Then he leapt into the air and played a short free form solo. He went into the riff from Mirror Man and the band joined in.

Beefheart came on playing the harp and exhorting everyone to their feet. Hundreds of people left their seats and ran to the front of the stage.

It was a brilliant gig.


  1. I was there!! It was brilliant. One of my best concerts ever. Zoot Horn Rollo was awesome and the Captain was in great voice. Superb. Check out my blog Opher’s World. I’ve got a lot of Beefheart stuff.

  2. I was there too-i had been living in L.A. where the captain was a phenomenon, what would probably now be called a singularity. there was talk about his relationswith the band and the neighbours and a greatdal of speculation on how psychedelics-friendly he was. i Many years laterDrumbo revealed much that that I am glad that I did not know at the time. But but this man was truly unique -he wastrulyy insane but he maintained himself in the outer reaches of a fantastical beyond living there without cynicism. His courage, originality and underststanding of the theatrical has never been equalled in Rock and blues. (Frank pearce, Toronto December 2017.

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