Gary Lucas’s Pandemic Tribute to Captain Beefheart

During the pandemic lockdown Gary Lucas has been live-streaming performances on Facebook from home several times a week. In a special three part series of performances in June 2020 Gary featured a Beefheart tribute. If you missed those streams or don’t like wading through the morass that is Facebook then hurry on over to Gary’s website to catch videos of all three of his Beefheart shows.

You will also find there a selection of paintings and drawings by Don Van Vliet from his personal collection, including the backstory behind each piece.

And there’s more … Gary writes about his Top 5 Captain Beefheart albums which includes some great Beefheart related stories.

Go to Gary’s website to check all this out –

The links to his Top 5 albums go to his Facebook page … if you don’t want to visit Facebook then you can read them here on the Radar Station:

  1. Safe As Milk
  2. Lick My Decals Off, Baby
  3. Clear Spot
  4. Bat Chain Puller
  5. Doc At the Radar Station

and as an extra bonus

Strictly Personal



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