Gary Jaye RIP

The Radar Station is sad to hear of the passing of Gary Jaye in Roxboro, North Carolina. Our thoughts are with his family and friends

Gary was the drummer with the Magic Band during 1976 and 1977. In his book John French recalls seeing Gary play at the Troubadour in 1976:

[wp_quote]I was really impressed with [his] mastery of the beats and thought he was a great player.[/wp_quote]


  1. Really sorry to read that, I’ve just listened to the Captain’s Berkeley 1977 early show and I thought Jaye’s drumming was really excellent (I’m a drummer myself) and adds a really special flavor to Don’s music. While searching for any info about Jaye’s career I found that, really sad. RIP Gary Jaye.

  2. I just found out about Gary Jaye’s passing today, as I’ve been busy with The Magic Band tour and am recuperating from a respiratory infection. Today, 17th December, 2011, I salute Mr. Jaye as an excellent player. I wish I could have located him for an interview in the book. His input during that period would have been invaluable. Hearing him at the Troubadour in Hollywood and then working briefly with him, I found him to be a perfectionist who strove to better himself each day. RIP Gary.

  3. I never got to hear Gary play with the Magic Band but I did get to hear him play quite often. I was one of the lucky ones to get drum lessons from Gary while he was in Roxboro. He was an outstanding drummer. I can only wish to be half the drummer he was. He really was a great man and will be missed greatly. RIP Gary Jaye.

  4. I understand that Gary came to Washington DC in the early to mid 1990’s after working for some years as a sound effects editor at Saban entertainment.

    He worked as a sound effects editor, audio mixer and engineer for many of the DC post houses. His projects included working on commercials and documentary and cable network programming.

    While in DC in know he practiced drums every day would occasionally play with others.

    He was a very dedicated Husband with a great love for his wife Hilary.

  5. Gary came to mind today, and suddenly felt his loss as deeply as the day he passed. He taught my son drum lessons, and he and Hilary meant so much to us.

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