A Whirlpool of Korn and Meat: Volume 1

Four disc boxset

Rarities through the years – live show recordings, rehearsals, alternate mixes, demos, out-takes. Tracks never before on CD



Song list

Disc 1

1. Lost In A Whirlpool (’59)

The Soots ’63
2. Teenage Maltshop
3. Metal Man Has Lost His Wings.

Avalon Ballroom 1966
4. Tupelo, Mississippi
5. Somebody’s Walking
6. Old Folks Boogie
7. Evil
8. Avalon Blues Jam.

pre-Safe As Milk Demos
9. Out Of The Frying Pan (Alternate Version)
10. Almost Grown
11. Call On Me (Acetate Slow )

Strictly Personal OTs
12. Moody Liz (Rare Acetate)
13. Korn Ring Finger Alt

Trout Mask Demos
14. Frown Land
15. Ella Guru
16. Hair Pie Bake 1 / Hair Pie Bake 2
17. Pachuco Cadaver
18. Sugar ‘N’ Spikes
19. Neon Meat Dream Of A Octofish
20. The Blimp – Edit / Candy Man / China Pig

Decals OT
21. Well Well Well.

Disc 2

BBC Session 1. January 24, 1968
1. Yellow Brick Road
2. Abba Zabba
3. Sure Nuff ‘N’ Yes I Do
4. Electricity.

BBC Session 2. May 6, 1968
5. Beatle Bones ‘N’ Smokin’ Stones
6. Safe As Milk
7. Kandy Korn
8. Trust Us.

Cannes Film Festival, France January 27, 1968
9. Electricity
10. Sure Nuff ‘N’ Yes I Do.

Kidderminster, UK May 12, 1968
11. Rollin’ & Tumblin’

12. Tarot Plane
13. Kandy Korn.

Amorgies, France October, 1969
14. Sun Zoom Spark.

Disc 3

1. Hard Working Man (Blue Collar 7” Version)
2. Moody Liz (Strictly Personal Out-Take)
3. Odd Jobs (Bat Chain Out-Take)
4. Mirror Man (Drury Lane 1974)
5. Torture (Bongo Fury Out-Take)
6. Little Scratch (*Mirror Man Out-Takes)
7. Funeral Hill (Out-Take)
8. Dirty Blue Gene (Early Version)
9. Picture Or Mahavishnu (Live)
10. Light Reflected (Rare 12”)
11. Flash Gordon’s Ape (Alternate Vocal No. 1)
12. Lick My Decals Off (Alternate Version)
13. Hard Working Man (Obscene PROMO ONLY Version)
14. Lick My Decals Off, Baby (Plunderphonics Remix By John Oswald)
15. WHFS Station ID – Harmonica & Voice Early ‘70s.

Don’s Work Tape Excerpt End of 1968 / Early 1969 Los Angeles, CA
16. Untitled Piano Song
17. Untitled Piano Instrumental #1
18. A Lot Of Money For You, A Lot Of Money For Me – Untitled Piano Instrumental #2
19. Short Whistling
20. Untitled Piano Instrumental #3
21. Why Can’t We Be Free
22. Untitled Piano Instrumental #4
23. Untitled Piano Instrumental #5.

Disc 4

Studio Out-Takes 1970
1. Little Scratch
2. Dirty Blue Gene
3. Funeral Hill
4. Flash Gordon’s Ape.

Studio Rehearsal 1972
5. Sun Zoom Spark
6. Key To The Highway.

Saturday Night Live Nov.1980
7. Hot Head
8. Ashtray Heart.

The Country Club, Reseda, CA January 28, 1980
9. Safe As Milk
10. China Pig
11. Sheriff Of Hong Kong
12. Kandy Korn
13. Veterans Day Poppy
14. Big Eyed Beans From Venus

Studio Jam w Denny Walley ’76
15. Hoboism

Radar Station Overview

Wow, what a collection we have here, not one but two 4 disc boxsets!. This is volume one – check out volume two here

Volume one is basically a compilation of several previously issued bootleg discs with slight variations:

  • disc one is Early Years missing one track the Peel session Sure Nuff n Yes I Do
  • disc two is Out Here Over There which unfortunately continues the misinformation about Sun Zoom Spark (it isn’t from the Amourgies Festival)
  • disc three is If You Got Ears with some extra interesting items including one of Don’s piano work tapes and John Oswald’s Plunderphonics mix of the Decals album
  • disc four is Hoboism

The sound quality is much the same as the original releases which is mostly good to excellent.

It’s packaged in a standard four disc plastic case and comes with an eight page booklet – four full page photos of Don and the band, a two page track list and a two page history from the early days to mid-1968. All in all it’s nice item, the facts are pretty much correct although for completeness sake it would have been good to have had a list of who played on what.

There are no surprises as regard the music on here as it’s all available one way or another these days but for the collector it’s well worth picking up if you can find it.


2011 Japan(?) on the Marshall label

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