What’s All This Booga Booga Music?


Song list:

Side 1:

  1. Suction Prints
  2. Golden Birdies
  3. Black Snake Blues
  4. I’m A King Bee
  5. Jimmy Bill’s In Town

Side 2

  1. Alice In Blunderland
  2. Abba Zaba
  3. Big Eyed Beans From Venus
  4. I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby

Recorded live at The Troubadour, Los Angeles on 5th(?) January 1973

Radar Station Overview

A classic boot with a basic white cover and paper insert. A great photo of Don on the front cover (from 1972?) but for some reason the song titles and names of the band are from the Knebworth Festival in 1975. Curious…

Reasonably good stereo recording on colored (red splatter) vinyl. This disc is of particular interest because it contains the only known recording of the song ‘Jimmy Bill’s In Town’.



  • 1976 US vinyl on Wizardo Records WRMB 339

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