When it blows its stacks He ain’t nowhere t’ be found When ah wolf’s claws wear way down Better watch out there’s ah man eater around Hide all the women in town When it blows its stacks All you girls make no mistake He’s as cold as ah snake sleepin’ in the shade He takes um out Out on an iceberg Hand ’em ah Ronson ‘n says I’ll see you around When he straighten up They all bend down He don’t bow t’ bad water He don’t pussy foot around When it blows its stacks He ain’t nowhere t’be found (1972) Originally made available atRead More →

There used to be a great club in Glasgow, Scotland called The Maryland, and the owner Willie Cuthbertson (one of the great unacknowledged heroes of Scottish Rock) brought Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band up to play at a place called the Kelvin Hall. This venue was famous already in the halls of rock n roll fame as the site of the Kinks first “Live” album. Because we knew Willie he promised to take us back stage to meet the Captain before the concert. We were all massive Beefheart fans – there were about 6 of us – and Gus (Angus Macintyre) was the biggestRead More →