A 1993 poetry reading CD was included in the Stand Up To Be Discontinued exhibition book and later reproduced in the Pearls Before Swine book. It included readings of the following poems: Fallin’ Ditch The Tired Plain Skeleton Makes Good Safe Sex Drill Tulip Gill At the time, many found the recording shocking and upsetting. This was the first time Don Van Vliet had been widely heard in public since 1982’s Ice Cream For Crow and the intervening 11 years had clearly not been kind. He sounded far older than his 52 years and rumours of illness seemed to have confirmation. Today, I think theyRead More →

Bub & Gill Bub & Gill Bub in India Bub & Mat Bub in the wool Bub in a rug Indoor Bub – Bub in stitches Glass Bub – Bub in a rope Bub in jail Bub in tent Bub in pale Bub on springs – Bub’s brakes Bub in pajamas Bub’s party – with Gil & Mat & Bub in stitches Erect Bub Gill’s pill Perfumeral (before 1969) A 1993 reading of Gill is availableRead More →