[alert_box type=”info”]Available on The Dust Blows Forward (An Anthology)[/alert_box] Now Little Scratch was a cat that never made the mat But he sure had a real good time All the chicks on the block used to watch his pockets flop But they never heard the ring of a coin Well he was tattered and thin But all of the men Were jealous of his natural charm You could always see him on the street With a beautiful dish on each arm Jealous of his natural charm Well he never had a dime But he sure made time He had a beautiful dish on each armRead More →

I know of a Brown Star That only certain people have found For years they been lookin’ around A lot of people lookin’ up But very few of them looking down Well they searched high and low for that little glow That’ll make them happy Some searched fast and they went on past Some went slow but couldn’t let it go I know of a Brown Star That only very certain people have found You can ask a dog why he’s so happy Just waggin’ his tail around Or a frog that makes him jump around Follow a sailin’ cloud until it dumps The rainRead More →