Record Store Day 2021

One of the Record Store Day releases for 17th July 2021 is the Unconditionally Guaranteed album.

Probably not every fan’s first choice for such a event as it was a huge disappointment at the time of its original release but the album has undergone a bit of a re-evaluation in more recent years. Some fans even consider it ‘not too bad after all’…

Okay, there are some interesting songs on there but Andy Di Martino’s bland production knocked all the stuffing out of the overall sound. It could have been a much better album if Ted Templeman had produced this one as well as Clear Spot.

And that’s another thing … why is it being released on clear vinyl?

At least it’s been cut from the analogue masters and is on 180g vinyl so hopefully it will sound as good as it can. Plus there’s a poster included in the package.

Check out the blurb on the Record Store Day site which bigs up the album rather enthusiastically.

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