Beefheart Through The Eyes Of Magic by John French

Due to be published on 11 January 2010 here is the first review of John’s book Beefheart: Through the Eyes of Magic.

No secrets are given away in this review so feel free to read it without it spoiling your enjoyment of the book.


  1. Ken Duvall says:

    Thanks for the review – for me, the book is a must-have….

  2. sselavy says:

    Beefheart:Through the Eyes of Magic

    "…it is not a biography of Don Vliet or a history of the Magic Band…"

    Is the clue in the title?

  3. Clark Gwent says:

    Rock hagiography memoir perhaps

    not without precedent

  4. Vinnie Del Basso says:

    I can't wait and is the right place to learn about it. Thanks John for writing the book and thanks Steve for turning us on to it.

  5. Mick Alderson says:

    At £12.97 from Amazon, it's less than the price of a night out! No excuse for not buying this one.

  6. Drumbo says:

    You're welcome, Vinnie, and thanks, Steve, for the nice review.

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