It would’ve been the Captain’s birthday…


  1. Fly on my good captain over and beyond this frownland

  2. Happy Birthday to Don Van Vliet, Dr. Martin Luther King, my friend Trishatur and my poochi Ricky.

  3. Happy Birthday Don,

    I Love You, You Big Dummy


  4. Iv'e only just found out that the Captain has left the Ship. I was privileged to have met him and the Magic Band on two occasions. He was such a powerful presence with a visible aura around him when he was in the room. But he was gentle and kind with his time and even gave me one of his cigarettes while we chatted. The Magic Band all gave me their autographs and were a lot less frightening than their appearance would suggest. Its so sad that his performing career was cut short by his illness, but his music and art will be his lasting legacy. I hope it was peaceful for Don at the end because he was just such a beautiful person. Will miss you Don. Love Over Gold. Richard Allen. Newcastle UK

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