Dropout Boogie from Long Beach

A recording of The Magic Band playing Dropout Boogie has been released on a CD compliled by Matt Groening, All Tomorrow’s Parties Vol.3.1. (ATPRCD16) Recorded in concert during a lunar eclipse over Long Beach California in 2003, this track has not previously been made available.

Other artists on the album include Deerhoof, Elliot Smith and Iggy and the Stooges. Sonic Youth perform the Simpson’s Theme and a Matt Groening poster is included in the package.


  1. Track Listing is:

    1. Sonic Youth – Simpson’s Theme
    2. The Stooges – Funhouse
    3. The Magic Band – Dropout Boogie
    4. Spoon – The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentine
    5. The Shins – Young Pilgrims
    6. Modest Mouse – Bukowski
    7. Elliot Smith – Pictures Of Me
    8. Daniel Johnston – Syrup Of Tears
    9. The American Analogue Set – Come Home Baby
    10. Electrelane – Valleys
    11. Deerhoof – Desaparecere
    12. Jackie O Motherfucker – Drake Hotel

  2. been interested in the cpt since 1969.seen a couple of his shows in newcasle upon tyne in early 70s. first album i bought was his first, safe as milk

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