Don takes a dive

Don walked/fell off the stage during the band’s performance at the Mt Tamalpais Fantasy Fair and Mountain Music Festival in 1967. This was supposed to have been a warm up for an appearance at the Monterey Festival but Don’s acid induced dive caused Ry Cooder to quit the band and their big opportunity to make a name for themselves was missed.

Now, amazingly, some hitherto unknown photographs of the band’s (short) appearance have surfaced on YouTube. Sadly, Don’s dive isn’t captured in any of the shots, but they’re worth a look anyway.

Thanks to Louis for the heads up on this.

Update 12/03/2010: I’ve written a short piece about the Mt Tamalpais incident for those who haven’t heard the story before.


  1. Damn the powers that be for taking this down before I had a chance to see it!

    If anyone has this and can link us all up some other way, that would be grand.


  2. @Richard: It's still there..

    Amazing find! Notice Ry seems to be playing accoustic gtr….wonder if one of the girls pictured is the Fishgirl?

  3. Thanks so much for this great link. I was worried by the lull in posts after Derek's departure. Great that there is still stuff to be discovered. These photos are brilliant.. maybe there is a photo of Don freaking out? If only we could see the look on his face!

  4. I think that's the look on his face all the time.

  5. as it seems it has been taken off of YouTube in Europe. I would also love to see those photos – does anyone know another source?


  6. To see the images from this event, look at sarjane62's youtube library. Apparently, Sony Music has blocked the slideshows with music but a version was recently posted without music so everyone can see it. Try this link to view the 1967 photos of Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band.

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