Live in London 1974 cover

Track list Mirror Man Upon The Me Oh My Full Moon Hot Sun Sugar Bowl Crazy Little Thing This Is The Day New Electric Ride Abba Zabba Peaches Album overview by Graham Johnston Forget it. The world does not need a live album with the Tragic Band. If you’re a completist buying this because you feel you have to, you’ll probably find a couple of pleasing moments, particularly during “Mirror Man”. I suppose we should also be grateful that it doesn’t contain the horrible “Sweet Georgia Brown” that was performed around this time. Other than these saving graces, this is thoroughly worthless. I actually really likeRead More →

I'm Going To Do What I Wanna Do: Live At My Father's Place, 1978

Originally an Internet-only legitimate live album release from Rhino Handmade. Limited to 5,000 copies and individually numbered. Note: This release is no longer available from Rhino Handmade. However, there are copies being sold by some record shops. Whether these are some of the 5,000 or a separate release from Rhino I am not sure. Track list Disc one [approximately 73:50 total time] Tropical Hot Dog Night 4:36 Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man 5:07 Owed T’ Alex 5:20 Dropout Boogie 3:13 Harry Irene 3:46 Abba Zaba 3:44 Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles 4:12 Old Fart At Play 2:26 Well 3:55 Ice RoseRead More →

[alert_box type=”info”]The Rhino Handmade press release / mail out[/alert_box] Greetings Earthling! This Monday, 17 July 2000, at Noon Pacific Daylight Savings Time [1900 UTC], The Archivists at The Rhino Handmade Institute Of Petromusicology will begin taking orders for a 2-CD set of PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED live performances by CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & THE MAGIC BAND titled ‘I’m Going To Do What I Wanna Do: Live At My Father’s Place 1978’ From March 1966 to September 1982, Don Van Vliet, operating as CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, and various incarnations of THE MAGIC BAND released Twelve Albums and Several Assorted Singles of Some Of The Most Remarkable Music Ever Performed ByRead More →

[alert_box type=”info”]From The Wire September 2002[/alert_box] One day, every moment of existence will be available for endless re-examination on Deja-VD. The Past will enjoy a renewed period of exponential growth. The present will simply disappear, consumed by living memory boiled in esprit d’escaliers. In the future, when nothing will happen once and for all, quality control will become impossible. In the meantime, we can amuse ourselves with barrel-scraping exhumations of every event ever exposed to magnetic tape. This latest addition to the ever expanding Beefheart archive collects ‘field recordings’ made between 1972 and 1980, from seven English performances by different formulations of The Magic Band.Read More →

Magnetic Hands cover

Track list Click Clack Old Black Snake Grow Fins Peon Golden Birdies Electricity Sugar Mama Orange Claw Hammer Gimme Dat Harp Beatle Bones ‘n’ Smokin Stones Dali’s Car Flavor Bud Living Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man Abba Zaba Hothead Safe As Milk Dropout Boogie Kandy Korn Tracks 1 – 3: Bickershaw Festival, 7 May 1972 Tracks 4 – 5: Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 1 April 1972 Tracks 6 – 7: Leicester University, 1 May 1973 Tracks 8 – 9: Knebworth Festival, 5 July 1975 Tracks 10 – 11: Guildhall, Portsmouth, 1 December 1975 Track 12: The Venue, London, 12 November 1980 Tracks 13Read More →

Railroadism - Live in the USA 72 - 81

Track list Old Black Snake King Bee The Blimp/Air Bass-Soft Shoe(Sax Improv) I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby A carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond China Pig / Railroadism I Love You You Big Dummy (short quote only) Grow Fins Floppy Boot Stomp Harry Irene The Dust Blows Forward ‘n’ The Dust Blows Back Ashtray Heart Dirty Blue Gene Smithsonian Institute Blues One Red Rose That I Mean Veteran’s Day Poppy Big Eyed Beans From Venus Avalon Blues Tracks 1: Fenway Theatre, Boston 22 January 1972 Tracks 2: Town Hall, NYC 24 February 1973 Tracks 3 – 4: The Roxy, LARead More →